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Can I tell you something?

Nothing you eat during the day requires you have salad for dinner.

Any night. Especially in the winter, salad can be extremely cold to eat and food should never be a punishment.

Did you know there’s times I actually WANT to eat a salad? And I end up eating one? Because I stopped using it as the food I was forced to “enjoy” after having pizza.

We need to stop punishing ourselves for committing “food crimes” by mandating salad nights or calling Jenny Craig. She doesn’t even answer when you call! Did you know this!?

You're in the right place if...

You're tired of eating your toddler's leftovers.

You steal your husband's french fries because you got a side salad with your burger.

You go out with your girlfriends for lunch and you feel like a freak if you order anything other than soup or salad.

You starve yourself (intentionally or not) and, therefore, make food decisions that don't really satisfy you or nourish you.

You're just really tired. No explanation needed.

There is a way to feel good again without mom guilt or locking the bathroom door.

Or wearing Bose headphones/noise-canceling ear muffs while you try to work.

I created the Nutrition Rebel 5 Month Coaching Program for women like you who just plain deserve to feel your absolute best. I can at least guarantee you’ll feel better than you do right now.

This program includes...

2 x 50 minute sessions per month

Unlimited email and texting support in-between calls

Hand-picked resources and recipes to support your success

If you’re over it and ready to change your life, let’s get going! Click the button below to get scheduled ASAP!

Not sure if this one-on-one coaching thing is for you but you know you want to make a change?

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