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Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

I recently came across the below image and it really struck a chord with me. Isn’t this the truth?! Ever find yourself obsessively worrying about how many steps away from some arbitrary goal you are? Perhaps worrying about what you ate over the weekend and vowing to “do better” during the week? I know many of […]

Energize Your Holidays

The holiday season is in full force and with that come shorter and shorter days. The sun sets crazy early and some days I feel like it’s time for bed at 7:00pm! I found myself leaning on my coffee pot the other week and realizing I needed to find a few things to increase my […]

Walnut Oat Apple Crisp

It’s that time again…my soulsister Giovanna is sharing her tremendous kitchen and recipe building skills with all of us! Giovanna is an extremely talented chef, restaurant owner, mama of two and blogger over at As Sexy As Chocolate Cake who generously shares her fav recipes with me every month. Hope you enjoy! Nothing feels more like […]

Teens & Body Image: A fragile mix

I was recently interviewed by Audrey Kuchen of Fox61 for a piece about Teens and Body Image and how social media plays into it all. You can watch the whole interview here: that interview, I have received so many questions from clients and friends curious how they can work with their own families to […]

I Feel Fat

I Feel Fat

I feel fat. I feel fat. I feel fat. I feel fat. This was quite literally what ran through my head on a near constant basis for a decade of my life. Guess what? Fat is not a feeling!! Shocking, I know.   I was pretty sure I knew I was feeling fat and when […]

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