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Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

I recently came across the below image and it really struck a chord with me. Isn’t this the truth?!

Ever find yourself obsessively worrying about how many steps away from some arbitrary goal you are? Perhaps worrying about what you ate over the weekend and vowing to “do better” during the week? I know many of my clients (and me in my past life) would “be good” all week long which basically consisted of eating the same boring, “safe” meals everyday, only to have the wheels fall off the diet wagon on the weekend and eat allllllll the things I never allowed during the week. Ugh that vicious diet cycle!! Have these old doors gotten you anywhere in the past? I bet not! Most likely it just makes you feel crappy…full of guilt, shame and self judgement.

So what’s one thing you can change this week on your journey to food freedom?

Maybe delete MyFitnessPal or whatever tracker you use? Ignore your steps? Forget counting calories? Run without a mileage or time goal in mind? Allow yourself to rest, read, relax, take a bath…instead of workout?

Comment below let me know! Let’s start opening new doors NOW and not wait for January 1st.

Your Over It Coach,

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