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Time to break up with your scale?

In my opinion, there is zero reason to ever step on a scale (ok maaaaybe a few medical reasons for medication dosage) but in general no good comes from having a scale in your home. In fact, I dislike scales so much that I encourage my clients to take their scales in the backyard with a hammer and smash that thing to bits and pieces!

Why do I hate the scale so much? Let me count the ways…

  1. It sets the tone for the day – For soooo many people, the scale is huge trigger. They wake up and step on the scale and let that number shining back at them set their mood for the day. It’s lower than expected? It’s a great day! Higher than expected? Instant bad mood and bad body image.
  2. It can cause harm – No, it can’t physically hurt you unless maybe you roll on ankle getting off of it but it absolutely can mentally harm you. Focusing just on your weight will not make you healthier or thinner, but it can make you feel crazy and obsessed around food and exercise and THAT is not healthy.
  3. Weight is affected by so many factors – Poop! Water! Hormones! Working out more and gaining muscle! Plus other things all can change the number on the scale on a daily basis. So it is truly just a silly waste of time.

Instead of stepping on your scale and stressing yourself out about your weight, why not focus on a few other things that may actually improve health and wellbeing? Getting in some joyful movement, eating foods that make you happy and feel good in your body, getting enough quality sleep and reducing the stressors in your life.

Life is simply too short to let a piece of metal dictate any way you feel about yourself!

Having a hard time breaking up with your scale? Finding yourself doing weird sh*t with food and not sure where to go from here?

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Your Over it Coach,

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