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I Feel Fat

I feel fat. I feel fat. I feel fat. I feel fat. This was quite literally what ran through my head on a near constant basis for a decade of my life. Guess what? Fat is not a feeling!! Shocking, I know.


I was pretty sure I knew I was feeling fat and when that therapist told me fat wasn’t a feeling I tried to prove her wrong. But but but I FEEL fat!


No girl, you feel sad. Anxious. Afraid. Bored. Lonely. Tired. Envious. Eeeeek so many feelings! The sooner I was able to recognize that “fat feeling” was actually me feeling SOMETHING, the sooner I was able to ignore that itchy uncomfortable urge to binge or diet that accompanied the fat feeling.


Feelings can be uncomfortable, no doubt, but learning to name them, recognize them and not stuff them away was a game changer and helped me end my diet and body hate once and for all.


Next time you think you “feel fat”, pause a moment in that discomfort and see what the heck it is you are actually feeling. Perhaps you’re tired from a long day of chasing your kids? Or anxious about a big project at work? Instead of stuffing down those feelings with another binge or diet, how about trying a new coping mechanism?


Tired? Maybe get some sleep! Anxious? Take a walk or dance it out! Start filling up your coping strategy toolbox with some new options!


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