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Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash

My talented friend, chef and bakery owner put together this fabulous Quinoa Filled Acorn Squash recipe for us…get cookin’!


Hi Everyone!


I am so super excited to share this fantastic vegan dish with you! Of course, it is totally modifiable so feel free to throw in some bacon or crumbled cheese if you’d wish.


This is a recipe of many parts.


Part one, make your quinoa OR buy it premade in cups or vacuum sealed bags.  All dry quinoa is sold with the cooking instructions on the back and I tend to overcook a little so it is tender-to-soft. You will need 2 cups.


Part two, pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees and spray a cookie sheet with olive oil. Break off the stem of your acorn squash and cut it down the middle. Scoop out the center and sprinkle with salt. Place cut side down on the cookie sheet and roast for 45 minutes. Flip and roast cut side up for 15 minutes and place each half to the side, in a bowl.


Part three, while your squash is baking place a frying pan on medium heat with two tablespoons of vegan butter or again the butter of your choice. Dice one small onion and sautee until tender, drain and rinse a can of garbanzo beans, or any bean you’d like and sautee with the onions. Add diced beets (canned or vacuum sealed are a great choice- feel free to roast your own but your fingers will be pink for a long long long time). Stir in your prepared quinoa and salt to taste.


Spoon as much filling as you’d like into each squash and sprinkle with sliced almonds (I chose salt and pepper roasted), walnuts or pecans would be great – you can even use the candied nuts too. Add some chopped scallions and there it is folks!


This recipe will generously fill 4 halves or 2 halves with some quinoa salad to pair with other meals, unless you’re me and eat it right from the wooden spoon, straight out of the pan, until there is no more left!



Giovanna & Carey

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