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Self Love

It’s the season of looooooooove! Yep, Valentine’s Day is upon us. Whether you love the love holiday or think it’s all about Hallmark, there is no escaping the pink hearts and chocolate Personally, I love any reason to celebrate love and have a little chocolate! And let’s be honest, at least here in New England, I will take any reason to celebrate something in the middle of February!


So in honor of love, let’s forget our partners for a second and focus on ourselves and self-love…being in love with yourself builds confidence, happiness and a more positive attitude and outlook on life. Sounds good, right?


Here are my favorite tips to practice self-love this Valentine’s Day:


  • Have some solo fun – Take a day off and hit up the spa, do a little retail therapy, skydive, take a long drive to a town you always wanted to visit. Spend some QT with yourself!


  • Travel – Plan a trip either with yourself, a best friend or your Valentine. We live in a go go go world where being busy is glorified so taking a break is a radical act of self-love. Heeeey Expedia…let’s do this!


  • Forgive yourself – Holding onto some angst from something in your past? That’s some bad juju. Forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and it is a-okay!


  • Make a list of all the awesomeness you’ve accomplished – toot your own horn! You’ve done awesome things and sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of our awesomeness.


This Valentine’s Day (and every day) vow to love yourself just a little more!


“Perhaps, we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done.” -Rudy Francisco




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