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New Year’s Resolutions

Here we are a couple of weeks into the New Year…a time when so many resolutions come crashing down. Many of my clients seek me out after they “failed” their New Year’s resolution to lose weight and fell off the “diet wagon”. Ugh what a not fun way to start a year!! How about instead of continuing to diet in 2019 and feel like a failure (95% of the time diets fail FYI), you approach it with a new outlook and tackle something totally different? Say goodbye diet and hello to your best year yet!


Check out this list of 2019 non-diet resolutions and let’s go into this year with a fresh perspective on “health”


  • Learn a new skill – always wanted to snowboard? Ski? Play guitar? Ride horses? Paddleboard? Make 2019 the year you do it!


  • Volunteer – teach someone to read, help save our oceans, deliver meals, clean up a park, do something for someone else and help change the world


  • Create art – if you’re anything like me you don’t have an artistic bone in your body but that doesn’t mean you can hit up Pinterest and give a new art project a go or learn to knit or sew


  • Learn to cook – I’m sure you know how to make those staple meals your family eats and loves over and over again but why not spend 2019 expanding your repertoire? How about one new meal a month? Or try your hand at baking!


  • Work on a relationship – Send a letter once a month to your Great Aunt or best friend from college or schedule monthly coffee dates with your neighbor. Perhaps 2019 can be your year of connection?


  • Commit to body acceptance – find a positive mantra to say to yourself over and over again whenever negative thoughts come in.


Make 2019 the year you fall in love with yourself exactly as you are. You just may find you don’t miss the diet rollercoaster!




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