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The holidays always seem to get a bad rap regarding food and weight gain. Everyone is eager to do the next best diet on January 1st after “overindulging” all December long. Ugh. What a vicious cycle to put yourself through every year!! What if you decided to enjoy the season and NOT diet in January? Or ever again? It’s possible and here are some tips to start healing your relationship with food and yourself today….


  • Practice Gratitude – Everyday we get to spend breathing on this great Earth is a blessing. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves how very privileged we are to be here celebrating another holiday season.


  • Positive Affirmations – When you’re having a tough moment or feeling uncomfortable in your skin, say something nice about yourself! Changing our thoughts does actually change our lives.


  • Listen to your body – Learn to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Hungry? Eat! Tired? Rest! We are all born with the ability to eat intuitively and somewhere along the way we lose it (thanks diet culture). It’s not gone forever! Slow down, be mindful and if you’re struggling, work with someone who can coach you through intuitive eating.


  • Drop the Perfectionism & Enjoy your food – Just say yes to social situations and eat what’s available to you and enjoy it!


  • Don’t Compare – so Jenny had one cookie and you had three? Cool. Who cares. You do you!


  • Get Outside – Take a hike, go snowboarding, paddle down the river, make a snow angel and work those positive affirmations. A little fresh air can do wonders for our mental state and maybe you’ll come back inside, have a hot chocolate and be more appreciative and understanding of where your body is right in that very moment.


Let me know if I missed anything!




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